A highly recommended budget-range e-cig, SmokeTip is a pleasant surprise—power-packed vapor production and throat hit with only 16 mg nicotine. For a realistic draw, SmokeTip uses the patented “Eazy-Drag System.” SmokeTip comes in an easy-to-assemble starter kit with two rechargeable lithium batteries, flavor cartridges, wall adapter and USB charger, making it one of the most user-friendly products in the e-cig market. A quiet product, and available in 21 flavors, enjoy 140 to 170 puffs with each cartridge, which may be purchased in packs of 10.


Happy Smoketip Customers

The extra large battery last long and works well…so does the usb charger that you just attach the cartridge too…both must have’s. Very happy with my smoketip kit and accessories. Now I am enjoying smoking healthy…LOL ~Patti Koles

For anyone out there looking for an excellent customer experience – this IS the place. Like another poster said, we are all going thru this together. I have been off of real cigarettes for almost a year & was using the nicotine gum and my husband was still smoking. I have quit before and started back and was truly reaching that point again, when my husband ordered the Smoke Tip. Thank goodness he did because it saved me. No matter what company you use, there are days when you have issues…ever gone thru the drive thru and ordered something like a Coke and they said they were out of it?! Now that blows me away, but you know, it happens. We are all humans. I wish those that are struggling with quitting the best and refer you to the forums on ST. You will find support here! To Kristi & the others at ST – Keep up the good work, you are appreciated!! ~Dover

Those 51’s tasted like crap. They sold them at the mall and I had to try one. The tobacco flavor was the worst. ~Eric Sievers

Just wanted to let everyone know that customer service was very helpful to me today and I can send back the Reg 12’s that didn’t have good draw for me. Even though I had opened the package they will replace it for me. Nice pic Dawn… ~ Jan K Vroman

Smoketip is irresistible for me because it’s the only product I was actually willing to try, to help me back off of the cowboy killers, I’m not a cowboy LOL but analogs do kill, I watched as it did so to my mom, and I can’t do that to my kids or grandkids. I, for one want to live as long as my great-grandmothers (both of them lived to be 96)! I’ve been taking herbal detox teas to help my whole body recover from the toxic buildup I’ve accumulated over 30 years of inhaling. I know it will still be a good long while before I fully recover, but I’ll be diligent in my efforts. (I will forever be supportive and loyal to Smoke Tip, not only because they do have the best e-cig product on the market, but because they have the best customer service in Kristi that I have ever experienced anywhere!!!! M.H.) Klmar63- here’s a testimonial (in parenthesis )sp? you can use on your site, if you wish ~Meri Harting

I’ve tried NUMEROUS “other” brands and I honestly can tell you Smoke Tip flavors are simply the best I have ever tried! I’m a “full flavor” ex-Marlboro guy and the Smoke Tip “Cowboy” knock-off is amazingly close to a real Marlboro! The chocolate flavor is very nice too – it sort of tastes like a chocolate liquor and makes a great after-dinner “treat”. The vanilla has a nice, sweet smooth flavor when you are looking for a change. I smoke the Cowboys most of the time, but alternate between the chocolate and vanilla now and then just to keep my “taste buds” from getting burnt out on one particular flavor. It’s amazing how switching like that will keep the flavors “fresh & new” to you when you smoke them. ~Michael W. Hart

I started on Smoke Tip 8 days ago and absolutely love it! I got the regular kit, but ordered the variety pack and a pack of cowboy. I thought the regular was too sweet at first, but by the time I got the cowboy and tried it, I now prefer the regular. So far I love the vanilla and almond from the variety pack, but still have about 4 to try.~Donna Q Rokos


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